"We don't buy champions, we breed them!!"

 Since 01-07-01 we got new show rules in Sweden wich made it possible to to get the Swedish championtitle without the field trial test.
Today a dog needs 3 CAC's for 2 different judges. One of theese CAC's has to be gained in open class, thereby a dog cannot become champion before 2 years of age.

"SU(u)Ch" equals Swedish show Champion, NUCH - equals Norwegian showchampion, SVCH - equals swedishs tracking champion.

The presentation starts with our latest...


Majlis got her last CAC at her first try out after her second birthday when she was BOB with CAC & CACIB and also group 2:nd! As she had CAC's from both Denmark and Finland from before she also got those titles and also the Nordic championtitle!!!
SE U(v)CH DKUCH SEVCH Manaca's Noble Anthony
Sture also got his last CAC at her first try out after his second birthday when he was BOB with CACIB! As he had CAC from Denmark from before he also got that title - Danish showchampion!
SE U(u)CH Manaca's It's In His Kiss
Diesel got his title at Vallentuna International where he was also BOB!!
Montenegro Ch Manaca's Mona Lisas Eyes
Sara has had a super carreer in Italy and on her first time in Montenegro she gained her championtitle!
SINGAPORE CHAMPION Manaca's Auld Lang Syne
Hannah got her championtitle at only 1 years of age!
UkrCh BulgCh CuprCh Manaca's No Questions Asked
Frankie has had a fantastic showcarreer and has gained lots of champintitles and winner titles. He also has a few juniorchampion titles that are not mentioned above....
AMCH Manaca's Run Rings Around All
Bjorn got his championtitle in 2011, and he still has his long tail.. !!!
SE U(u)CH SE V-10 Manaca's walk On the Wild Side
Alfred got his first CAC from youthclass at the Swedish winnershow were he also got the winnertitle. Then he had to wait to open class when he got his last 2 CAC's on the same weekend!
SE U(u)CH NO UCH C.I.E. LTCH LVCH LVV-11 FINJV-o5 Almanza Hit the Road Jack
Ragnar who has a load of titles from before got his last CAC in Sweden when he was 7 years old!
NO UCH SE U(u)CH Manaca's Yesterdays Yesman
Wizard who is one of Norways most winning Cockers got his titles in 2011 when he turned 2 years old.
NO UCH Manaca's Golden Slumber
Bjorn got his title short after his second birthday.

South African Champion Manaca's Feelin' Blue
Gus gained his champion title in early 2011, beeing our first South African champion! He was also South Africas top winning Cocker male 2010!
Singapore Champion ASIAN CH Manaca's Don't Look Now 
Levi is Manaca's first Singapore champion! 5 CAC's are required and as there's not that many shows in a year you really have to be in shipshape when it's time, which Levi has certanly done! He gained his title in grand style with BOB, BOG and BIS reserve intermediate!
ISSHCH Manaca's Year In Year Out 
Lisa got her title in 2010, only 2½ years old! and she is our first Icelandic champion!
SE U(u)CH Charbonnel War Paint.
Paddy got his championtitle only one month after his second birthday, on his first try in open class! He got a total of 7 CAC's!
SE U(u)CH Manaca's Rhyme and Reason 
Cindy gained her title in 2010. Despite selectively shown she quickly gained her 3 CAC's.
SE U(u)CH NUCH C.I.E SEVCH NV-10 Manaca's Rags To Riches
Ingrid got her chamiontitle shortly after her second birthday. Soon after she also gained her Norwegian title aswell as the Norwegian Winner title by getting BOB at Norwegian winner show 2010!
She got a total of 6 CAC's
SE U(u)CH SEVCH Manaca's Join the Joyride
Ines got all her CAC's from open class and when the first one finally was gained the rest did'nt take long. Ines was no 15 top Cocker-2010 and also qualified for Cruft's!
SE U(u)CH SEVCH Manaca's Live Long and Prosper
Axel got all his CAC's from openclass in a very short time!
SE U(u)CH Manaca's Pull No Punches
Maggie got her championtitle in record time! In only 2 months she got all her CAC's from openclass!
DKUCH VDHCH DECH Manaca's Rough and Ready
Timmy has had a marvellous showcarreer both in Denmark and Germany! In Denmark he quickly got all his CAC's and was made champion only 18 months old! He was also declared top winning junior and qualified for Cruft's
SE U(u)CH Manaca's Moves Mountains
Marcus had a marvellous puppycarreer with several BIS and BIS placements. The success continued in junior and youth class and he quickly got his championtitle.
SU(u)CH Charbonnel Manacas Design
Johnny who had an increadeable showcarreer as a puppy, junior and youth quickly got his title after his second birthday. He is also a groupwinner and BIS reserve at an International show! He got a total of 7 CAC's!
IRCH IRJunCH Manaca's Laid Out In Lavender at Wilmerella
Liliann is our first Irish show champion who we are very proud of. She has gained 6 green stars which is required for the championtitle.
HUCH INTCH Manaca's Soft Soaper
Nils is Manaca's first Hungarian show champion. He has  had a super carreer with several BOB's, CAC's and CACIB's!
Eric is Manaca's first Moldavian champion!He has also CAC's in several other countries so we're expecting more titles on this young lad!
C.I.E SU(u)CH NUCH NV-09 SVCH Manaca's Cross Country
Malena gained her Swedish and Norwegian title the same year - 2009 when she aslo became Norwegian winner! During 2010 she also gained her International championtitle!
SE U(u)CH NUCH Manaca's It's All In the Name
Vanja got her titles after a smashing carreer in junior and youthclass. She got a total of 10 CAC's before getting her final one i open class! She also had the Norwegian CAC from before which made her Norwegian champion when she got her Swedish title.
C.I.E. & NO & LT  Ch & Fin Jv-05 LVCH LVW-11 Almanza Hit The Road Jack
Ragnar started by getting his Lithuanian title, he then "only" needed one i Norway on a International show which he got on his first try over. He has also gained his International championtitle aswell as the Lettish and he is also a Lettish winner-2011! He has one CAC from youthclass in Sweden but needs one more taken from open class.

SU(u)CH IRSHCH Manaca's Cutting Corners
Magnus gained his showchampiontitle in great style by getting BOB at Norrkopings natoinal-08.
He has also gained the Irish Show Championtitle!

SU(u)CH SVCH Manaca's Gets Ideas Going
Folke gained his showchampiontitle in grand style by getting best male at the Worldwinner circuitshow-08 under the breedspecialist Mrs Sue Young. This was only about a month after his second birthday! His trackingchampiontitle was gained the year before. He was also top winning junior in 2007!

SU(u)CH SVCH Très Coquette vom Schloss Hellenstein
Rebecka gained her showchampiontitle at the first show after nursing her first litter of pups, at 2½ years of age. Her trackingchampiontitle was gained the year before.

ITCH Manaca's Big for His Boots
Biggy got his title 2 years old, after taking his 5 CAC's and field trial merit that's required for the Italian showchampion title.
He is owned by Elena och Enrico Gallina på kennel Ghirardina i Italien.

FINCH Manaca's Xcuse My Conduct
Freja gained her title after passing the field trial test in september-2007. On the weekend before she got her last CAC for the title and was also BOB  & BOG-2:nd!
Freja is proudly owned by Taava Nevapuro at kennel Fenbrook in Finland.

SU(u)CH NUCH Manaca's Proud Mary
Elsa got both her titles at the same time when she got her last CAC in Norway in august 2007 and was BOS. The Swedish CAC was gained earlier with a BOB and BOG-2 win!
Elsa is owned by Jenny Carsting at kennel Pinifarina's.

SU(u)CH JEUW-06 SVCH Manaca's Bag of Beans
Josåfin got her title only a few days after her second birthday when she also was BOS! From earlier she already gained her tracking championtitle and a European juniorwinnertitle!
Josåfin is qualified for Cruft's 2008 by becoming 3:rd in yearlingclass at  Cruft's 2007!

SU(u)CH DKUCH JEUW-06 SV-06 Manaca's Beat About the Bush
Colin got both his titles at the same time when he, only a few days after his second birthday go his final Swedish CAC. He gained his Danish CAC already from youngsterclass. He got a juniorwinner title at the European winner show 2006 and the Swedish winner title in Stockholm-06!
Colin is twice qualified for Cruft's 2008! From Denmark and from a 2:nd place in yearlingclass at Cruft's 2007!

SU(u)Ch SVCH Manaca's Unblushing Dream
Solveig got her title in early 2007. From 2 shows in january/february she got CAC and was BOS at both wich gave her the title. She had one CAC from juniorclass the year before. Solan also gained a trackingchampion title in 2006!

AmCh Manaca's Betsy Bee n´Fair Acres
Betsy who got her first points in June-2006, is already made up as champion, Manaca's first American champion!! Owner is Patty Ek.

AmCh Manaca's Capt Chet n´Fair Acres
Chet who got his first points in June-2006 is already made up as champion, Manaca's second American champion!! Owner is Patty Ek.

SlovJV-06 SlovJunCh Manaca's By the Book
Johny who lives in Slovakia has become a juniorchampion. He has also passed a field trial test. He has also a juniorwinnertitle. He is owned by Dana Dabrovodska

SU(u)Ch NUCH NORDV-06 SVCH Manaca's Undesingned Dream
Sonja has 4 CAC's from youthclass and her 5:th she got from open class only 6 days after her 2:nd birthday, wich made her Swedish showchampion! By becoming BOB at the Nordic winner show in Hamar in Norway she also became Norwegian show champion and Nordic winner-06! She also has a tracking champion title.

SU(u)Ch NUCH SVCH Manaca's Rain or Shine
Clara started the year 2006 with 1 CAC in January and 1 more in February, wich made her  Swedish show champio. She is also a Norwegian showchampion and also Swedish tracking champion.

SU(u)Ch Manaca's Path Finder
Wayne got his title soon after his seconf birthday and is one of Sweden most winning black & tan males. He was 3:rd top winning junior 2003 and has been highly placed at the cocker of the year list for many years.
Wayne is owned by Maria Åslund at kennel Pinifarina's.

SU(u)Ch SVCh Manaca's Oops I Did it Again
Gun got 5 CAC's out of 7 shows in juniorclass and then the last one, first and only time out, in open class!! Gun is quite restrictly shown, but the times she's been out she has been in the top! She also has a tracking champion itle. 

SU(u)Ch NUCH SV-03 SVCH Manaca's On the Road
Otto became champion after getting 13 CAC's from junior and youngsterclass! He became top winning junior in 2003 when he also got the Swedish winner title. He is one of our most winning males with several BOB, BOS, group and BIS awards. He is also Norwegian champion and Swedish trackingchampion!

SU(u)Ch NUCh NV-05 SVCH Manaca's Main Attraction
Greta who is our most winnin g bitch became champion her first time out in open class. She is also Norwegian champion and Norwegian winner by becoming BOS in Hamar in 2005. She has since then also gained the tracking champion title.

SU(u)Ch Quettadene Lancelot
Arnie who is our first import tok his title first day possible after the change of rules! He was runner up to the world winner junior title in 2001 in Milan!
SU(u)Ch SVCh Manaca's In Your Dream
Signe was SU(u)Ch only one day after her second birthday. Signe is one of our most successful bitches with many BOB's, BOS's, group and BIS placements. She was 3:rd junior of the year in 2001 and top winning solid in 2003. She has since then also gained the tracking champion title.
SU(u)Ch SVCH Manaca´s General Idea
Nemo got all his CAC's from open class. He has since then also gained the tracking champion title.
SU(u)Ch NUCh NV-05 EUVW-06 Manaca´s Yours Sincerely
Walter tok his title first day possible after the change of rules! He is also Norwgian champion and Norwegian winner by becoming  BOB & BOG-4 in Hamar 2005. He has been highly placed at the toplist all years he's been out in the rings and in 2006 he was "Runner up" cocker of the year! He is the first cocker that has been veteran of the year 2 years running. He is qualified for Cruft's by becoming BOB & BIS-2 veteran at the European winnershow -2006!
SU(u)Ch Manaca´s Alice in Chains
Hedvig tok her title first day possible after the change of rules!  She got all her CAC's from Breedspecialists!
SU(u)Ch Travis Tattoo
Bosse who already had 4 CAC's when the new rules came, only needed a CK for the title wich he got from veteranclass. He was 2:nd veteran of the year in 1998.
SU(u)Ch SV-00 Manaca´s Pure n´Simple
Britta who already had 4 CAC's when the new rules came, only needed a CK for the title wich she got on her first try out. She has also required a Swedish winnertitle wich she got at Stockholm Int, in 2000 by becoming BOB and BOG-3, where she also qualified for Cruft's!
Manaca´s Pure n´Simple
SU(u)Ch Manaca´s Pennies from Heaven
Åsa who already had 4 CAC's when the new rules came, only needed a CK for the title. Åsa has several BOB, BOS and BIS placements and was highly placed at the cocker of the year list in 1999.
Manaca´s Pennies from Heaven
SU(u)Ch SV-99 Manaca´s Peeping Tom
Stanley tok his title first day possible after the change of rules!  He has since then also required a Swedish winner title. He has been a consistant topplaced dog at the cocker of the year list, and was made "Runner up" cocker of the year in 1999!
Stanley is owned by Yvette Widenor.
SW-99 Manaca´s Peeping Tom

NuCh Manaca´s Dancin´With the Blues
Lotta got her titel inNorway with 3 CAC's, wich one of them was taken at an Inbternational show. She never had the time to get her swedish title, even though she had all her necessary CAC's in Sweden.

Ch Manaca´s Dancin´With the Blues

SU(u)Ch NuCh Manaca´s Born to Rise n´Shine
Nancy gained her championtitel 12 years old! She had he CAC's from before and with the new showrules she only neede a CK for the title, she got that from veteranclass. She also had a norwegian CAC from juniorclass wich now made her norwegian champion!
Nancy is out of our second litter and she's our firstborn champion!
Manaca´s Born to Rise n´Shine


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