FINCH Manaca's Xcuse My Conduct   
born: 2004-07-11

Freja 2 ˝ years old

"Freja" lives in Finland with Taava Nevapuro at kennel kennel Fenbrook.
Freja's had a successful showcarreer so far... 3 starts in puppyclass gave
3 x BOB & 1 x BIS-4!!
And we're really pleased with her and her showresults in juoniorclass so far: she has many juoniorclass wins on her credit, 2x2nd Best Bitch, 1x3rd Best Bitch, 1x4th Best Bitch and 3xRES-CAC's. Not so bad for 1 year old!
Freja has all necessary CAC's for her championtitle, she only needs the field trial test to finish her title. The photo is from Vesilahti where she was BOB & BOG-2 under Mr Jens Martin Hansen, and got her last CAC. The weekend after she passed the field trial test wich is required for the title and made her Finnish show champion!!

She is optigen prcd PRA normal/clear (A) and FN normal!!

Watch Freja grow...


8 weeks


4 months


 9 months


1 year


1 ˝ years




Int. Fin.AmCh JWW-94 WW-95, 96, 98 FinW-96 Northworth Madmans Return


GbShCh NorwCh Spinneyhill Sadler


GbShCh Quettadene Emblem    (black)
Spinneyhill Shadow
Int. Fin. DK. SpCh EUW-93 Northworth Vulgar Taste


Int. Fin.Ch Leavenworth Hold That Tiger
Swenglish Turn Me Loose

SU(u)CH Manaca´s Alice in Chains

(blue roan)

Stocdale American Prayer
PortCh Lynwater Tiger Moth
(blue roan)
Lara De Campollano
Manaca´s Chain Reaction
(blue roan)
DkCh NuCh NW-93 SW-93 NordW-95 Carillo Chubby Checker      (blue roan)
Northworth Leisure Maid

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