SwShCh Quettadene Lancelot
born: 1999-06-20
Hips: B, eyes: clear. Optigene normal/clear (A), FN clear

Arnie in May 2008

Arnie in March 2007

Gained the Swedish Championtitle first day possible, July 1:st-2001 !!
(new rules in Sweden ! Now showdogs also gets their championtitle..)

"Arnie" was co-owned with Mrs Yvette Widenor until January-2006. He came to Sweden in November-99 from Mrs Penny Lester in England where we´ve been and looked him out. In a crowd of puppies, he was the only we saw, and we where especially looking for moovements and a beautiful head with a soft expression. At the photo beside he is 9 weeks old. He has a wonderful temperament, wich is the most important thing, that he also has a great show temperament just comes as an extra gift. Arnie gained he´s first CC at Skokloster (Swe. Spaniel & retr. club) amongst 93 entries, only 11 months old on the day ! The day after he became BIS at the Stockholm Cocker show !

After that it has just kept on going well, with 4 CC´s from juniorclass and a BOB along in the bagage. He was runner up as junior world winner in Milan-2000 !
He gained the Swedish Championtitle first day possible, July 1:st-2001, just a few days after his second birthday.

 Arnie has clear hips & eyes and is optigen A (normal/clear)!
 he sires black, red and black & tans..!

 Here you can take a look at Arnies offspring..



GbShCh Perrytree Sun Dreamer

GbShCh Perrytree the Dreamer Misbourne Valdorki
Perrytree Sweet Dream
Perrytree Sweet Solitaire GbShCh Helenwood Avalaf
Misbourne Sweet Amethyst

Quettadene High Society

Quettadene Footsteps

(optigen A)

GbShCh Canigou Cambrai
Quettadene Melissa
GbShCh Quettadene Mystique Can. AmCh Quettadene Debonair
GbShCh Quettadene Harmony

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