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Ch Manaca´s Dancin´With the Blues

Ch Manaca´s Dancin´With the Blues

1992 01 17 - 1998 09 16

"Lotta" was a great personality, she was the first cocker I´ve met that could actually "talk". She would start by starring at you and then hum a bit, and if you did´nt give her any attention she´d stop but if you´d hum back at her, and you´d have a big diskussion, wich always ended with a kisses and a very happy Lotta!!
She was very successful at shows already as a puppy and was highly placed at the"cocker of the year"- list. She had several BOB, BOS & BIS-placements, quickly got her CC´s in Sweden and gained her championtitle in Norway.

She left this earth much too soon and left a hugh empty space behind....

Presenting some of her successful children:

Manaca´s Yours Sincerely
SU(u)CH Manaca´s
Yours Sincerely


Manaca´s Make My Day
Make My Day


Manaca´s Your Special Order
Your Special Order



Ch travis Go For the Gusto

SU(u)Ch SV-95 Lochdene Copper Kettle Lochdene Cornelius
Lochdene Sylphide
Ch Travis Foolish Pleasure Ch SV-89 Leavenworth It´s A Pleasure
Travis Maid to Measure

NuCh SU(u)Ch Manaca´s Born to Rise n´Shine

Ch SV-89 Leavenworth It´s A Pleasure Ch NV-79 Leavenworth Lucky Strike
Ch Leavenworth Secret Kisses
Northworth Leisure Maid Ch Travis Two Tribes
Ch WW-92 Northworth Quick to Use

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