SU(u)Ch SVCH Manaca´s General Idea
born: 14:th of April - 2000

Nemo 8 years old, new veteran, in better shape than ever!

"Nemo" came back to us when he was about 1 year old, and since he just melted in at our place and with the other dogs, we decided that he should stay with us. He is the funniest little guy, he always carry´s a toy in his mouth and if somone else takes it from him he just changes to some other toy. He can get anyone up to play. All pups and youngsters always look up to him and he has the most incrediable tolerence with them.  The fact that he is black & tan gave him a big plus, and that he´s father is blue roan makes him very interesting in future breeding plans.
He got he´s championtitle just a few days after his second birthday.

At the age of 6 years we started his tracking training. He proved to be a natural in the woods and after only 2 times in training he started i abilityclass and passed with honors! Then, without any training in between, he got 3 straight first prices wich made him swedish tracking champion!!

Nemo has been hipscored with B-hips and
holds a current clear eye certificate.

 Here you can see Nemos offspring
... and here's a selection of his excellent progeny


SU(u)Ch Manaca's Path Finder


SU(u)CH NUCH Manaca's Proud Mary


 Guesswin's Matchless Matisse

Watch Nemo grow....

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Ch NW-99 Carillo Cover Print

(blue roan)

Ch Carillo Colourprint

(black & tan)

Ch Carillo Corny Talk
(blue roan)
NCh FinCh IntCh NV-90 Carillo Call for Pleasure (red)
NCh SW-94 SW-98 Carillo Cover Girl
(blue roan)
NCh DkCh SW-NW-93 NordW-95 Carillo Chubby Checker
(blue roan)
NCh Carillo Call Girl
(blue roan)

Manaca´s Unchained Melody


SwCH Travis Tattoo
SW-95 BelgW-95 Lochdene Copper Kettle   (red)
Ch Travis Lunar Lady
Manaca´s Lady Sings the Blues
Ch Carillo Colourprint
(black & Tan)
Sw NCh Manaca´s Born to Rise n´Shine      (black)

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