SVCH SU(u)Ch Manaca´s Oops I Did it Again
born: July 22:nd - 2002
Hips: A, hereditary optigen normal/clear (A) and FN normal

14 months old   2 years

So cute and always so happy - "Gunsan". She is a bit of an outsider with us, we are not so use to orange on this kennel. But she is like a fresh breeze, both to the looks and the temperament. It will be very exciting to see her grow up...She had to stand back for a while when her kennelfriend Greta has been competing in the same classes. But when she finally got out she directly took 5 CC´s and twice became BOS!! and shes still in juniorclass.... What a super start!!
She has has had a litter by our Ch Manaca´s General Idea, and only 4 months after giving birth she went out and got her championtitle in grand style by becoming BOB & BOG-3 with CACIB!!
Her second litter was by Hochachtungsvoll vom Schloss Hellenstein, see them here.

Gun´s got A-hips and eyes clear!

Here  Gunsan is tracking in the woods.... she got all prices for the trackingtitle without having to train anything in between!!



VDHCH DECh SU(u)Ch Midnight Train vom Rauhen Holz

(blue roan)

HD:A, optigen A, FN norml

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HD:A, optigen A, FN normal

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