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Ch Manaca's Oops I Did it Again

"Gunsan" was mated on newyearseve to "Lucas". Lucas who lives with Nina Kauhanen at Kennel Northworth is having a wonderful showcarreer with several BOBs, BOSs, group and BIS placements. He has about 6 CACs, and he's still just a youngster. I also had the oppertunity to meet him and I can wouch for his true and happy character. The puppies were born March 7 -2006. There is 1 blue roan boy, 1 black and white boy and 3 blue roan girls.

Here you can see Guns previous litter by Ch Manaca's General Idea.

Here the pups are 8 weeks old:


Manaca's Dog Has it's Day, blue roan male   
own: Elin H Borgersen, kennel Skjervtuns - Norway




Manaca's Day to Day Basis.  blue roan male   
Äg: Michael Gruber, kennel Plainfire's - Schweitz




Manaca's Don't Drink n´Drive, blue roan bitch
own: Tina Simu, " Cockergang in Hallsberg" -  Sweden




Manaca's Dress Designer, blue roan bitch
own: Katarina von Brömssen, kennel Support - Sweden




Manaca's Did it For a Dare, blue roan bitch
stays at Manaca's



Here the puppies are individually, 5 weeks old:


Manaca's Day to Day Basis
Blue roan male

Manaca's Dog Has it's Day
blue roan male


Manaca's Dress Designer
blue roan bitch



  Manaca's Don't Drink n´Drive
blue roan bitch


Manaca's Did it for a Dare
blue roan bitch

The litter newborn.

1 week old, just eating and growing....



vom Schloss Hellenstein

(blue roan)


Terriles Tysilio
(blue roan)
Ch Ryallcourt Pie in the Sky
(blue roan)
Terriles Tapestry
(blue roan)
Wundertüte vom Schloss Hellenstein
(blue roan)
Midwinter Benedict
Hofdame vom Schloss Hellenstein     (blue roan)

ShCh TrackingCh
Manaca´s Oops I Did it Again

(orange roan)


Ch Midnight Train vom Rauhen Holz
(blue roan)
Ch Stocdale Dragons Sonata
Ch Blue Pearl vom Rauhen Holz   (blue roan)
Ch Manaca´s In Your Dream
Ch Manaca's Yours Sincerely
Manaca´s Alice in Chains
(blue roan)

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