SU(u)Ch Manaca's General Idea


SU(u)Ch Manaca's
In Your Dream

Signe now has puppies by Nemo, they were born on May 5:th. There are 4 bitches and 3 boys in the litter. Colours of the girls are 1 red, 1 black, 1 orange roan and 1 blue roan. The boys are 1 red, 1 black and 1 blue roan.

Earlier Signes fullsister Fia got pups by Nemo and from that litter you can see Ch Manaca's Path Finder, Manaca's Proud Mary och Manaca's Peaches for Nothing.

Here you can see Signes first litter,      
here you can see her second litter.

Here the puppies are 8 weeks old.


Manaca's Authentic Art, black bitch     
Annette & Thorkild Vestergaard, kennel Thans - Denmark




Manaca's Advanced Art, red bitch  
owner: Enrico Gallina, Kennel Ghirardina - Italy




Manaca's Artist at Plainfire's, orange roan bitch 
owner: Michael Gruber, kennel Plainfire's - Switzerland




Manaca's Abstract Art, blue roan bitch
owner: Anna Spamans-Andersson, Hallsberg - Sweden




Manaca's Admiral of Art, black male
owner: Robert Eriksson, Gnesta - Sweden




Manaca's Absent Minded Artist, blue roan male
owner: Ulrika Ljung, Sodertalje - Sweden




Manaca's Addictive Art, red male
owner: Ellen Synnestvedt, Norway 



Here the puppies are newborn.



Ch Manaca´s General Idea

(black & tan)

Ch NV-99 Carillo Cover Print

(blue roan)

Ch Carillo Colourprint
(black & tan)

Ch SV Carillo Cover Girl
(blue roan)

Manaca´s Unchained Melody


Ch Travis Tattoo

Manaca´s Lady Sings the Blues           (black)


Ch Manaca´s In Your Dream


Ch Manaca´s Yours Sincerely


MultiCh WW Northworth Madmans Return  (black)

Ch Manaca´s Dancin´With the Blues      (red)

Ch Manaca´s Alice in Chains

(blue roan)

Stocdale American Prayer

Manaca´s Chain Reaction
(blue roan)











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