Ch Manaca´s Yours Sincerely -"Walters" offspring

Look here at some of Walters most promising offspring...

Litter born July 12:th with
Northworth Madam's Match
(Multich WW Northworth Madmans Return x Northworth Hue and Cry)
at kennel Northworth in Finland.

Red Drama
red male
own: Kennel Skjervtuns, Norge

8 weeks

Northworth... red male

5 weeks

Northworth... red bitch

5 weeks

Northworth... red bitch

5 weeks


Mother: Manaca's Peaches for Nothing. Litter born: January 23-05
(Ch Manaca's General Idea x Manaca's It Shows)
Kennel Manaca's    (see photos of the puppies here)

Manaca's Zero Hour red male

owned by Lena Hildeby
2 x BOS puppy
CK from juniorclass

Manaca's Zip It Up red male  
Manaca's Zoom Lens Object red bitch

owned by kennel Manaca's
BOB & BIS-reserve puppy at the Clubshow-2005!

Manaca's Zilch For a Peach red bitch

owned by Marie Ostlund,
kennel Briemaries.
several BOB puppy & BIS plac.

Manaca's Zoomy Headers red bitch  


Mother: Merry Cocktail's Black Pearl. Litter born March 20. 2004
(SV-99 SU(u)Ch Manaca's Peeping Tom x Merry Cocktail's Signe)
kennel Merry Cocktail's - Edsbro, Sweden

Merry Cocktail's red male  
Merry Cocktail's red male  
Merry Cocktail's black male  
Merry Cocktail's red bitch  
Merry Cocktail's red bitch  
Merry Cocktail's black bitch born with a short tail!!
Merry Cocktail's black bitch  


Mother: Mercedes vom Schloss Hellenstein. Litter born 2004-02-12

(Dt.JCh LuxCh Zeasylover du Domaine d'Haisha x Mirabelle vom Schloss Hellenstein)

kennel vom Schloss Hellenstein - Germany.

...vom Schloss Hellenstein
black bitch

... vom Schloss Hellenstein
red male

... vom Schloss Hellenstein
black male

vom Schloss Hellenstein
red male

...vom Schloss Hellenstein
black male

..vom Schloss Hellenstein
red male


Mother: Manaca´s Kneel for Elaine. Litter born: 2003-06-12
See the whole litter at 8 weeks here.

Manaca´s Stayin´Alive red male äg: Ingrid Blomberg    
Manaca´s Smoke on the Water red male äg: Thomas Johnson    
Manaca´s Stop Look and Listen red male äg: Fam Christianson    
Manaca´s Stuck in a Moment red bitch äg: Stine-Marie Furuseth,
Manaca´s Sweets For My Sweet red bitch äg: Anna-Lisa Enström    
Manaca´s Sugar For My Honey red bitch äg: Susanna Peura    
Manaca´s Sweet Child O´Mine red bitch äg: Sofie Johansson    

Mother: Manaca´s Unchained Melody. Litter born: 2003-03-22
See the whole litter at 8 weeks here.

Manaca´s Quarter Pounder Cheese black & tan male own: Roger Håkansson    
Manaca´s Quarter Back black  male own: Johanna Hestell    
Manaca´s Quaint Style black bitch own: Cissi Edlund
kennel Black Mica´s

Manaca´s Quality Mark black bitch own: Carina Ekdahl    
Manaca´s Question of Honor black bitch own: Björn Gjersvold    
Manaca´s Quits With Me black bitch own: Magdalena Hansson    
Manaca´s Quietly Dressed black bitch own: Caroline Lagmyr    

Mother: Manaca´s Unplugged, kennel Windydale´s.
Litter born: 2003-02-20

Windydale´s Adonis red male
Windydales Abélard  red male      
Windydales Ansgar  red male
Windydales Angelfire  red bitch
 Windydales Apricot  red bitch own: Deirdre Ross,kennel Windydale´s
Windydales Artemis  red bitch
Windydales Athena  red bitch
Windydales Andromeda  red bitch

Mother: Manaca´s Favourite Waste of Time, kennel Candour - Denmark
Litter born: 2002-07-23

Candour´s red male      
Candour´s red male      
Candour´s Odds-On Favourite red bitch own: Charlotte Eglin,
kennel Candour- Danmark
Candour´s red bitch      

Mother: SU(u)Ch Manaca´s Alice in Chains. Litter born: 2002-02-26

Manaca´s Mile Stone Corner black male own: Gunilla Isaksson,
kennel Lordlike &
kennel Manaca´s
eyes clear.
CK - show

Manaca´s Mind of A Genius black male      
Manaca´s Michael Learns to Rock red male      
Manaca´s Monkey Business red male own: Annika Forssell    
Ch Manaca´s Main Attraction black bitch own: kennel Manaca´s A-hips,
eyes clear

Manaca´s Mean While black bitch own: Elna Olafsen    
Manaca´s Mixed Emotions red bitch own: Caroline Larsson-Bull A-hips,
eyes clear
CK - show

Mother: Northworth Real Hot. Litter born: 2001-06-08

Manaca´s Johnny Hates Jazz red male      
Manaca´s Johnny Be Good red male      
Manaca´s Johnny the Fox red male      
Manaca´s Jewel Piece red bitch      
Manaca´s Just Your Image red bitch own: Rosalie Ågren
C-hips, eyes clear

mother: Merry Cocktail´s Bisse.
Litter born: 2001-02-15 at kennel Merry Cocktail's

Merry Cocktail´s Nice and Gentle red male äg: Jenny Sjöström B-hips  
Merry Cocktail´s Nice and Happy red male äg: Gunnel Hörnqvist B-hips, eyes clear
Ck - show.

merry Cocktail´s Nice and Heavy red male äg: Ulrika Wenger    
Merry Cocktail´s Will to Please red bitch own: Ann-Kristin Olsson
kennel Merry Cocktail´s
A-hips, eyes clear, CC.

Mother: SU(u)Ch Manaca´s Alice in Chains. Litter born: 2000-07-06

Manaca´s Inner Circle black male own: Annelie Rohlin    
Manaca´s Inside Information black male own: Birgitta Stohr    
Manaca´s In Ship Shape black bitch own: Viran Wiklund A-hips, eyes clear  
Manaca´s It Shows black bitch own: Marie Holmlund
kennel Lejonsundet´s
B-hips, eyes clear
Manaca´s In My Taste black bitch own: Mona Rönningen,    
SU(u)Ch Manaca´s In Your Dream red bitch own: kennel Manaca´s A-hips, eyes clear
Manaca´s In High Fashion red bitch own: kennel Soft n´Shiny B-hips, eyes clear  

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