~ Winners -2004 ~

Photo: Lillemor Böös

Manaca´s Main Attraction
– "Greta"
by:Ch Manaca´s Yours Sincerely
x:  Ch Manaca´s Alice in Chains

Born: 26.02.2002

The show year - 2004 had a great start....
At the first show of the year she was BOS and got the CC!!
She became champion at her first show possible with BOB and BIS-4!!


Photo: Maria Gudmunds
  SW-03 SShCh junior of the year-2003
Manaca´s On the Road
– "Otto"
by:MultiCh Midnight Train vom Rauhen Holz
x: Ch Manaca´s In Your Dream

Born: 22.04.2002

Otto has started the year of 2004 in a promising way... already at the second show of the year he became BOS and got the CC!!
He has up to date 13 CCs! He became  a swedish champion shortly after his second birthday.










Manaca's Oops I Did it Again - "Gunsan"
e:MultiCh Midnight Train vom Rauhen Holz
u: Ch Manaca´s In Your Dream
Född: 2002-04-22

Gunsan has only attended a few shows this year . She gained her championtitle in grand style by becoming BOB & BOG-3 at Avesta International !!


Manaca's Path Finder - "Wayne"
by: ChManaca's General Idea
x: Manaca's It Shows
Born: 2002-09-16

Wayne started carefuly this year with a few CKs.. The there was CC and 3Rd best male in Skara International in May!!
He got his last CC just after his second birthday, where he gained his championtile
Wayne is proudly owned by Maria Aslund at kennel Pinifarinas

  Manaca's Rain or Shine - "Clara"
by: Northworth A True Ashgrove
ex: Ch Manaca's Alice in Chains
Born: 2003-05-17

Clara started the year by finnishing the puppyclass. And she did that by becoming BOB & BIS-4 puppy!
Now she is consitently placed in juniorclass, and got her first CC at Visby International in July.

  Manaca´s Proud Mary
by: Ch Manaca's General Idea
ex: Manaca's It Shows
Born: 2002-09-17

Elza has some classwins & high placeings in best bitch classes for breedspecialists. In June she gained a CC at an International show in Norway!


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