Winners - 2003

"Signe"- Manaca's In Your Dream
by: Ch Manaca´s Yours Sincerely
ex: Ch Manaca´s Alice in Chains

Born: 2000-07-06

Signe had a fantastic 2003. She has several BOBs, with group and BIS and several BOSs. For example Group winner at Stockholm International-2003!! also classwinner at the World Winner Dog show in Dortmund with an  anwarschaft. She finnished the year by becoming 3rd top winning cockerand top winning solid.
Signe is home with her newborns in the spring of 2004...

Photo: Lillemor Böös


Photo: Maria Gudmunds

SV-03 Manaca´s On the Road – "Otto"
by:MultiCh Midnight Train vom Rauhen Holz
ex: Ch Manaca´s In Your Dream

Born: 2002-04-22

Otto got his first CC at his debut in juniorclass!! only a few days after he turned 9 months.  He got totally 10 CCs during 2003 and several CACIBs and BOBs and BOSs.
He became BOB, BOG-res & Swedish Winner amongst 115 cockers in November-2003.
He became top winning Junior-2003!
and on 5th place on Cocker of the year list!!




photo: Lillemor Böös

Manaca´s Main Attraction – "Greta"
by:Ch Manaca´s Yours Sincerely
ex:  Ch Manaca´s Alice in Chains

Born: 2002-02-26

Greta had a successful -03.  From intermediate class she has 4  CCs, CACIB & BOS!!
She was 5th top winning junior-2003! and besides... at place 12 at the cocker of the year list.!
Greta is home with puppies in the spring of-04!


photo: Lillemor Böös

Manaca´s Oops I Did it Again - "Gunsan
by: MultiCh Midnight Train vom Rauhen Holz
ex: Ch Manaca´s In Your dream
Born: 2002-04-22

Gunsan is litter sister to Otto. She has´nt been out much because her kennelmate Gretas benn out in the same class, dispite of that she has from 7 shows taken 5 CCs and 2 BOS!!
She became 4th top winning junior-03!
(and also at 20th place at the Cocker of the year list..)
Gunsan is now home with her puppies!



Manaca´s Path Finder - "Wayne"
by: SU(u)Ch Manaca´s General Idea
ex: Manaca´s It Shows

Born: 2002-09-16

Wayne has several BOBs and BISs from puppyclass.
Ex at the Kennelclub all breed show in Ange, he became BIS!!
 At the photo he is 11 months.
From juniorclass he has already gained 4 CCs and twice  BOS!!! He was 3rd top winning  junior-2003!
Proud owner of him is  Maria Gudmunds.

Ch SW-00 Manaca´s Pure n´Simple – "Britta"
by: PortCh WW-94 Chataway Craftsman
ex: SU(u)Ch NuCh Manaca´s Born to Rise n´Shine

born: 1996-01-18

Brittas been competing in veteran class with good results…
She has several BOB-veterans, and on top of that twice BIS veteran! She also has got high placings in best bitch classes. She became 3rd top winning veteran-2003!

and the the puppies that were shown in 2003.....

Manaca's Quaint Style
Astrid has several BOBs and BISs from puppyclass to her credit. Cissi Edberg.


Manaca's Rain or Shine
Clara made her debut by becoming BPIS-3! She will be out in juniorclass in 2004!


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