~ Winners ~

Here we present to you, old & present winners and also some future hopes

Here you can see the winners from the year    2003    2004    2005    2006

* Since 01-07-01 we got new show rules in Sweden wich made it possible to to get the Swedish championtitle without the field trial test. (For the International championtitle we still need to do the field trial)
For dogs who already had the full amount of CC´s from before, only a CK (championquality) was required.
From that date Manaca´s has got 25 homebred champions and 6 champions that is bought in. Note that 2 of theese dogs were 11 and 12 years old when they came out at a show and gained their titles!!
"SU(u)Ch" equals Swedish show Champion,
NUCH - equals Norwegian showchampion,
SVCH - equals swedishs tracking champion.

Those dogs are;
SU(u)Ch NuCh Manaca´s Born to Rise n´Shine (black bitch)
NuCh Manaca´s Dancin´With the Blues(red bitch)
SU(u)Ch SV-99 Manaca´s Peeping Tom (black male)
SU(u)Ch Manaca´s Pennies from Heaven (black bitch)
SU(u)Ch SV-00 Manaca´s Pure n´Simple (red bitch)
SU(u)Ch Manaca´s Alice in Chains (blue roan bitch)
SU(u)Ch NUCh NV-05 EUVW-06 Manaca´s Yours Sincerely (red male)
SU(u)Ch SVCH Manaca´s General Idea (black & tan male)
SU(u)Ch SVCH Manaca´s In Your Dream (red bitch)
SU(u)Ch Travis Tattoo (red male)
SU(u)Ch Quettadene Lancelot
(black male)
SU(u)Ch NUCh NV-05 SVCH Manaca's Main Attraction (black bitch)
SU(u)Ch NUCH SW-03 SVCH Manaca's On the Road (red/white male)
SU(u)Ch SVCH Manaca's Oops I Did it Again (orange roan bitch)
SU(u)Ch Manaca's Path Finder (black & tan male)
SU(u)Ch SVCH NUCH Manaca's Rain or Shine (black & white bitch)
SU(u)Ch NUCH NORDW-06 SVCH Manaca's Undesingned Dream (black bitch)
AmCh Manaca's Betsy Bee n´Fair Acres (black & white bitch)
AmCh Capt Chet n´Fair Acres (blue roan male)
SU(u)CH SVCH Manaca's Unblushing Dream
SU(u)CH DKUCH JEUW SV-05 Manaca's Beat About the Bush
SU(u)CH JEUW-06 SVCH Manaca's Bag of Beans
SU(u)CH NUCH Manaca's Proud Mary
FINCH Manaca's Xcuse  My Conduct
ITCH Manaca's Big For His Boots
LTCH NUCH FINJV-05 Almanza Hit the Road Jack

SU(u)CH SVCH Trés Coquette vom Schloss Hellenstein
SU(u)CH SVCH Manaca's Gets Ideas Going
SU(u)CH Manaca's Cutting Corners
SU(v)CH SVCH Dualis Netchen
SU(v)CH Dualis Unnibell

champions to bee....
(1 or several CACs)

 Dogs with tracking merits...

Manaca's It Shows SVCh Manaca's Oops I Did it Again SVCH Manaca's General Idea
 Manaca's Under Study SVCh Manaca's On Duty SVCH Manaca's Undesingned Dream
Manaca's It's All In the Name Manaca's Quaint Style SVCH Manaca's Cross Country
Manaca's Cross Country SVCH Manaca's Of Course SVCH Manaca's Bag of Beans
Manaca's Truly Madly Deeply Manaca's Nanny Fine SVCH Manaca's Absent Minded Artist
Manaca's Xpected Return SVCH Manaca's Working Nine to Five SVCH Manaca's On the Road
SVCH Manaca's In Your Dream SVCH Manaca's Yours Faithfully
  SVCH Manaca's Main Attraction Manaca's Cutting Corners
SVCH Manaca's Under Study Trés Coquette vom Schloss Hellenstein
SVCH Manaca's Unblushing Dream Manaca's Quarter Back
SVCH Manaca's Rain or Shine Manaca's Wig Wam Bam
SVCH Manaca's Each and Every Day SVCH Manaca's Zero Hour

Here you can see the winners of 2003...
Here you can see the winners of 2004...
Here you can see the winners of 2005...
Here you can see the winners of 2006...
Here you can see the winners of 2007...

~ Manaca's current showteam... ~


SU(u)Ch NuCh NV-05 EUVW-06
Manaca's Yours Sincerely


born: 97-12-26
MultiCh WW Northworth Madmans Return
u: Ch Manaca's Dancin´With the Blues

Walter has now retired from the showrings! He ended his fantastic showcarreer in grand style by winning BOB veteran at the World winner show in Stockholm in July, and gained the title Veteran World Winner-2008! He showed all that he was still going strong, at 10½ years of age!



foto: Petr Studenik


SVCH Manaca's Cross Country

e: Ch Eisbär vom Schloss Hellenstein
u: Ch Manaca's Alice In Chains

Malena will come out in the rings a few selected times,  during the year 2008.  She made us very proud by winning a huge openclass (47 entr.) at the World winner circuitshow in July.

foto: Marie Loré



SVCH Manaca's Gets Ideas Going

e: Ch Woodman Black Petrs
u: Ch Manaca's Undesingned Dream

Folke has several CAC's this year, and the last one, after his second birthday was taken at the World Winner circuit show, where he was also best male under the breedspecialist Mrs Sue Young. The same judge had also placed him 4:th in his class at Cruft's earlier this year! He was placed 3:rd in his class at the World winner show in Stockholm.
 The tracking title was already finished the year before!




Manaca's Undesingned Dream


e: Ch Quettadene Lancelot
u: Ch Manaca's In Your Dream

Sonja came back to us after her stay at Chabonnel in England where she ended her stay with an VHC at honorable Cruft's! She started of in Sweden by beeing crowned Cocker of Cockers at the Cockerclub gala!!  After that she has a few best bitch wins.




SU(u)CH SVCH Très Cocquette vom Schloss Hellenstein

e: Hänshenklein vom Schloss Hellenstein
u: Kolbenmaus vom Schloss Hellenstein

Rebecka has nursed her first litter in early 2008 and at the first show she attended after that she was best bitch with the CAC wich gave her the Swedish showchampiontitle!!



SU(u)CH Manaca's Cutting Corners

e: Ch Eisbär vom Schloss Hellenstein
u: Ch Manaca's Alice In Chains

Magnus has 2 CAC's from openclass this year. The last, wich made him Swedish showchampion was crowned with a BOB win!!

Magnus became our 3:rd showchampion this year only!!



Manaca's It's All In the Name

e: AMCH Ashgrove Brisbane
u: SU(u)CH DKUCH SVCH Manaca's In Your Dream

We bought Vanja back when she was 1 year old. She will accompany us both to shows and tracking during the year.
She already has 1 CAC and BOS from juniorclass at an Int. show in Norway!
She has made us proud by beeing a consistant top winning bitch at the most shows attended. She already has 1 x BOB, 2 x BOS, 5 CAC's and 2 CACIBs! All theese wins are only from youthclass! She was also placed 4:th in a huge juniorclass at the World winner dog show!


Charbonnel Manacas Design

e: Charbonnel Warhero
u: Ch Manaca's Undesingned Dream

Johnny who came to us from England in January-08 will accompany us to shows during the year. He has been a consistant winner in puppyclass with several BOB and BIS wins For ex in Uddevalla he was BOB puppy both days and placed in the BIS!
He is now9 months old and the next time he'll be out will be in juniorclass...





Manaca's Mark My Words

e: Ch Manaca's Beat About the Bush
u: Northworth Nugget at Manaca

Björn who has been standing back a bit in favour of Johnny was out one last time in puppyclass wich was a true hit... he was BOB puppy and BIS-2 at Kopings International 2008!

First time out in juniorclass he won the class with CK!




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