SU(u)CH NUCH Manaca's It's All In the Name
born: 2007-02-13
HD: A, hereditary optigen normal/clear (A)

Vanja 2 years old, after gaining her championtitle at the Swedish Winner show 2009.


Vanja lived her first year at kennel Zeltsins. But when we got the opportunity to buy her back we did'nt hesitate one minute! So now she's back with us, and this time she's back to stay. She's has a very happy and outgoing character and gets along nicely with everyone in the kennel.

She has only been shown a few times in puppyclass but from juniorclass she's already got CC and BOS at an Internaional show in Norway.
She has made us very proud in the rings. She has 9 CAC's and 3 CACIBs from youth class and she gained her 10th and last CAC for the championtitle at the Swedish winner show 2009 in big competition.
 At the Worldwinnershow she got excellent and was placed 4:th in a huge juniorclass! >>>

Vanja was crowned Runner Up Cocker of Cockers 2009 under judge Mrs Sue Telford.




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1 year


17 months




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(blue roan)
HD: A, optigen A

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HD: A, optigen A, FN normal

SU(u)Ch NUCH NV-05 VEUW-06 Manaca´s Yours Sincerely

HD:B, optigen A
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