Junior winner-05 Manaca's Truly Madly Deeply
born: 2004-02-20


Mitch has now become a junior and has been at his first show wich resulted in Junior winner-05!!
It was on February 6-05 in Budapest and judge was Mr Jef Verrees-Vanhof
Guess if we are proud!!!!
On May 15 he became juniorchampion under Mrs Patsy Hollings, UK.
"Mitch" lives in Budapest i Ungary at kennel Macambˇ. At the photos below his just 7 months of age.

Mitch has got A-hips and has already sired his first litter, see one of the pups here >>>

Below you can see him as a pup at 8 weeks, just before he left our kennel for Ungary.



Ch Manaca┤s General Idea

(black & tan)

Ch NV-99 Carillo Cover Print
(blue roan)
Ch Carillo Colourprint
(black & tan)
Ch SV Carillo Cover Girl
(blue roan)
Manaca┤s Unchained Melody
Ch Travis Tattoo
Manaca┤s Lady Sings the Blues

Ch Manaca┤s
Oops I Did it Again

(orange roan)

Ch Midnight Train vom Rauhen Holz
(blue roan)
Ch Stocdale Dragons Sonata
Ch Blue Pearl vom Rauhen Holz   (blue roan)
Ch Manaca┤s In Your Dream
Ch Manaca's Yours Sincerely
Manaca┤s Alice in Chains
(blue roan)

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