Manaca´s Mile Stone Corner, born: february 26 - 2002


15 months old at the photo


18 months old

"Sixten" has grown to be a handsome youngster and recently got rid of his puppysuite. He is an exact copy of his father at the same age. But his loving ways, he got totally from his mother, just as relaxed and cool. He can look deep into your eyes for ages with a look that says - I love you - love me back...

He is only shown 2 times in puppyclass. Once as BPOS (beaten by his littersister) and the second time as BIS-reserv. He made his official debut at Ultuna in August, by winning the youthclass and becoming 4:th best male...
Sixten is co-owned with, and lives with Gunilla Isaksson, kennel Lordlike.



SU(u)CH Manaca´s Yours Sincerely


AmCh IntCh JWW-94 WW-95, 96, 98 Northworth Madmans Return
GbShCh NuCh Spinneyhill Sadler    (black)
IntCh FinCh DkCh SpCh EUW-93 Northworth Vulgar Taste    (black)
Ch Manaca´s Dancin´With the Blues
Ch Travis Go for the Gusto
SwCh NCh Manaca´s Born to Rise n´Shine      (black)

SU(u)CH Manaca´s Alice in Chains

(blue roan)

Stocdale American Prayer
PortCh Lynwater Tiger Moth
(blue roan)
Lara De Campollano
Manaca´s Chain Reaction
(blue roan)
DkCh NuCh NW-93 SW-93 NordW-95 Carillo Chubby Checker     (blue roan)
Northworth Leisure Maid

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