SVCH Manaca's Working Nine to Five
born: 2004-05-18

"Selma" is living with Anna Harsten and her family, 2 Flatcoated retrievers and a few chickens at kennel Guesswin's.
She's in training for tracking and has finished the first test with honors. After that she has 6 first prices in open class and with the first price show merit from Vaxjo International she became Swedish tracking champion!!

She's only been shown once in juniorclass where she got honorary price.

Selma's got A-hips and eyes clear.



VDHCH DECh SwCh Midnight Train vom Rauhen Holz

(blue roan)

LuxCh PortCh Dragon´s Sonata
(blue roan)
Lynwater Tiger Moth
(blue roan)
Lulu´s Back in Town from Duntarvie
DECh VDHCh LuxCh DT Bsg-93-94 Eusg-94 Blue Pearl vom Rauhen Holz
(blue roan)
DECh VDHCh LuxCh Ramiro vom Rauhen Holz
(blue roan)
Honka vom Rauhen Holz
(blue roan)

Manaca's It Shows


SwCh Manaca´s Yours Sincerely
IntCh AmCh FinCh JWW-94 WW-95-96-98 FinW-96 Northworth Madmans Return
NuCh Manaca´s Dancin´with the Blues     (red)
SwCh Manaca´s Alice in Chains
(blue roan)
Stocdale American Prayer
Manaca´s Chain Reaction
(blue roan)

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