Manaca´s Alice in Chains

VDHCh DeCh Bundessieger-99
Eisbär vom schloss Hellenstein


SU(u)Ch Manaca's Alice in Chains

Hedvig now has puppies by Eisbär. 7 strong, healthy puppies were born in July 27:th.
There is 1 orange, 1 blue roan bitch and 5 blue roan males.

Here the puppies are 6 weeks old at some photos, and at some, 8 weeks old;


Manaca's Coat of Coloured Arms, blue roan male
Owner: Tove Aase - kennel West Side Story, Norway



Manaca's Curiosity Killed the Cat, blue roan male
owner: Johanna Elford, Akersberga - Sweden



Manaca's Capt Chet N'FairAcres, blue roan male
Owner: Patty Ek, USA  




Clock Work Chemistry, blue roan male
Owner: Ann-Marie Jansson , Jonkoping - Sweden




Manaca's Cutting Corners, blue roan male
Stays at Manaca's




Manaca's Cross Country, 8 weeks, orange roan bitch
 stays at Manaca's




Manaca's Close Call, blue roan bitch
Owner: Åsa Nylén - Sweden




Heddas pups newborn, with the 2 bitches to the right.

Presenting some of Hedvigs previous successful progeny, from 4 different litters...


Ch Manaca's In Your Dream


Ch Manaca's Main Attraction


Manaca's Rain or Shine


Manaca's Xcuse My Conduct



Eisbär vom Schloss Hellenstein

(blue roan)

Brooksong Blue Suede Shoes
(blue roan)
Sh. CH
Cilleine Echelon
(blue roan)
Laicsyde Centrefold of Brooksong  (blue roan)
Nudeldicke Deern
vom Schloss Hellenstein
(orange roan)
Rhenus Camillo
Donna Rositha
vom Schloss Hellenstein

SwCh Manaca´s Alice in Chains

(blue roan)

Stocdale American Prayer
PortCh Lynwater Tiger Moth
(blue roan)
Lara De Campollano
Manaca´s Chain Reaction
(blue roan)
DkCh NuCh NW-93 SW-93 NordW-95 Carillo Chubby Checker    (blue roan)
Northworth Leisure Maid

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