Manaca´s Back on the Chain Gang, born December 24:th-98

Travis Virtual Insanity & Manaca´s Unchained Melody

"Benny"  is always in a good mood and when you sit down he directly comes and puts he´s head in your lap. Actually, he even knows how to laugh ! He pulls he´s lips up and shows he´s teeth on one side.
Benny has´nt been shown so much in puppyclasses due to very heavy puppycoat. He is only shown once in puppyclass on a Kennelclub show in the summer of -99 where he was BPOB ! Then he had to wait to youngsterclass where he made his debut by winning the class with CK (certificate quality) ! He loves shows and really enjoys his time in the rings.

Benny is owned by Karoline Djerf, kennel Honeywaters, where he is stayin with his  "pals" Westerner Notorious, Manaca´s of Courseand his daughter Honeywaters Eye of the Beholder. He is continuing to do well at shows. He has up to date 2 CAC's and 2 BOS. He has had his first litter at kennel Honeywaters in May 2004!

Bennys hips & eyes are cleared !

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