Northworth Nugget at Manacas
Born: 2004-09-12

6 months old.             

Since I earlier got very attatched to  "Ellinors" mother - Help's Black Magic it was quite natural for me to be interested in a puppy from her last litter. I also had the pleasure to meet the father and he is a very charming young man. The fact that he has sired some excellent progeny is ofcourse a plus... He has also been successful at shows, for example he got 6 CC's at his first 6 shows.
Ellinor has a very merry outgoing character, she now lives familylife with Jessica Olsson and her daughter..

Ellinor's got A-hips!

Watch Ellinor grow....




5 weeks


7 weeks


11 weeks




3,5 months


4,5 months



Mother: Help's Black Magic


Father: JW-03 BalticW-04
Finemoon Second Sight



JV'03 BaltW-04
Finemoon Second Sight (blue roan)

(blue roan)

INT & FIN & DK & EST & S & N CH ESTW'01 FINW'01-'03 Benchmark Oliver Twist (blue roan)

INT&FIN&EST CH Benchmark Octopussy (blueroan)     HD: A

FIN CH Bencmark Michelle Melody (black & white)HD:A

FIN CH Finemoon Worldwide Love
(blue roan) HD: B

FIN & S CH Finemoon Unlimited (blue roan) HD:B

Finemoon Light Cream (red & white) HD: A


Help's Black Magic


Helenwood Cuminandy

Helenwood Twycenitely

Helenwood T-Morrah

Primacy Witch of Carlang (blue roan)

Carlang Summer Nights (blue roan)

Carland Sugar Lips (blue roan)

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