SVCH Manaca's Absent Minded Artist
Born: 2005-05-05

Bosse 17 months old.

Bosse 3 months old, and then 8 months old

"Bosse", who we called Eric when he lived with us, now lives with Ulrika Ljung and family with his halfbrother Ludde - Manaca's Under Study.
Bosse has the most wonderful temperament you can imagine, he loves everybody and loves to carry toys around.

Bosse became swedish trackingchampion with 3 straight wins in open class and topscores!



Ch Manaca´s General Idea

(black & tan)

Ch NV-99 Carillo Cover Print

(blue roan)

Ch Carillo Colourprint
(black & tan)

Ch SV Carillo Cover Girl
(blue roan)

Manaca´s Unchained Melody


Ch Travis Tattoo

Manaca´s Lady Sings the Blues           (black)


Ch Manaca´s In Your Dream


Ch Manaca´s Yours Sincerely


MultiCh WW Northworth Madmans Return  (black)

Ch Manaca´s Dancin´With the Blues      (red)

Ch Manaca´s Alice in Chains

(blue roan)

Stocdale American Prayer

Manaca´s Chain Reaction
(blue roan)











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