Manaca´s Quaint Style   born: March 22-2003

Astrid 4 years old.

"Astrid" is a very mild and pleasant lady. She stayed with us til she was 5 months old, but now she lives at Black Mica´s kennels with Cecilia Edberg and her best friend Svea who's a daughter of Otto - Manaca's On the Road.
She is doing great in the rings and has gained several CKs from juniorclass.
Astrid is line bred to my dear departured Nancy - Ch Manaca´s Born to Rise n´Shine

She lives with Cissi Edberg at kennel Black Mica's with her friend, Ottos daughter, Almanza Full Speed Ahead.



Manaca´s Unchained Melody


SU(u)Ch Travis Tattoo
SV-95 SU(u)Ch Lochdene Copper Kettle    (red)
NuCh Travis Lunar Lady
Manaca´s Lady Sings the Blues
NuCh Carillo Colour Print
(black & tan)
SwCh NCh Manaca´s Born to Rise n´Shine   (black)

SU(u)CH Manaca´s Yours Sincerely


AmCh IntCh JWW-94 WW-95, 96, 98 Northworth Madmans Return
GbShCh NuCh Spinneyhill Sadler     (black)
IntCh FinCh DkCh SpCh EUW-93 Northworth Vulgar Taste      (black)
NuCh Manaca´s Dancin´With the Blues
NuCh Travis Go for the Gusto        (red)
SwCh NCh Manaca´s Born to Rise n´Shine    (black)





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