SU(u)CH SVCH Très Cocquette vom Schloss Hellenstein
born: 2005-12-03

Rebecka 2 years old.

Rebecka has come home to us, after an exciting exchange with kennel Vom Schloss Hellenstein in Germany.  She is from a litter of 10 puppies!
We had to wait for her a long time because of the vaccinationrules andwas nearly 8 months old when she came. She has a very easygoing personality and melted in with the other dogs at home easily.
On the way home from Germany she attended her first show where she started by winning her class and ended up as BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!! What a superstart to her showcarreer!

She got several CAC's and BOB's and groupplacements from junior and youngsterclass, at this photo she was BOB and BOG-4, from juniorclass at an International show!!                                                see photo >>>>>>
She got her first litter of 6 in early 2008 with our Otto, and after the compulsory 75 days after, she came out at show by becoming best bitch and getting her last CAC for the title, this made her Swedish showchampion at her only time in openclass!!

Before she got her puppies she gained all her merits in the woods at tracking. So she is also a Swedish tracking champion!! So there's both brains and beauty!!


Rebecka before grooming...


...and after 1 hours work!

Watch her grow:


10 weeks


4 months old


6 months


7,5 months


7,5 months, the other side


2 years

Rebecka 4 months old                                                                        and here 7 months old in action


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