Ch Manaca's General Idea - Nemos offspring

Here you can take a look at some of the most successful...


Litter born on december 26-09 at kennel Art Wave's
MOTHER: Carillo Cuba Libre (Ch Carillo Chubby Checker x Carillo Cocos)
There are: 2 red males, 2 black males, 1 blue male, 1 blue bitch and 1 orange roan bitch



Litter born on december 16-08 at Manaca's
MOTHER: Ch manaca's Undesigned Dream (Ch Quettadene Lancelot x Ch Manaca's In Your Dream)
They got: 1 black male, 5 black bitches and 1 orange roan bitch. SE THEM HERE



Litter born on January 5 -2008
Mother: Subarasii Fantastic Bissett (Tzigaine Des Terres Froides x Woodmore's Bazooka)
They got 3 black & tan girls, 1 red girl, 3 black & tan males and 1 red male. The pups are born at kennel Subarasii.


Litter bor at october 27 - 2006
Mother: Eternal Arwen (Ch Travis Shop Til You Drop x Travis Ray of Light)
Theres 3 bitch puppies in the litter. 2 black & tans and 1 blue roan & tan at kennel Villabris in Norway.


Litter (hopefully) expected in september - 2006 
Mother: Twinsmade Borderline (Ch EUW-06 Northworth Mad Situation x  Twinsmade American Pie)
at kennel Twinsmade in USA !!           Unfortunately no puppies this time...

Litter born January1-2006  
Mother: SVCH Manaca's Working Nine to Five  (Ch Midnight Train vom Rauhen Holz x Manaca's It Shows)
With Anna Harsten at kennel Guesswin's. Photos at 6 weeks

Guesswin´s Triumph Trophy - Helmer black male
Guesswin´s Goldstar Clubman - Alfred Blue roan & tan male
Guesswin´s Ducati Desmo - Fridolf black male
Guesswin´s Dunstall Domiracer - Olle Blue roan male
Guesswin´s Matchless Matisse - Malte Blue roan & tan male


Litter born on May 5:th 2005   
Mother: Ch Manaca's In Your Dream
(Ch Manaca's Yours sincerely x Ch Manaca's Alice in Chains)
at kennel Manaca's, see the whole litter at 8 weeks old here.

Manaca's Absent Minded Artist blue roan male  
Manaca's Admiral of Art black  male  
Manaca's Addictive Art red male  
Manaca's Abstract Art blue roan bitch  
Manaca's Artist at Plainfire's orange roan bitch  
Manaca's Authentic Art black bitch  
Manaca's Advanced Art red bitch  


Litter born at July 1:st   
Mother: Love Cox's X-mas Gift, blue roan
(Westerner Still of the Night x Westerner Taste of Heaven)
at Cilla Gustavsson's, see more at her homepage

  black & tan male  
  black & tan male  
  orange roan male  
  blue roan male  
  blue roan male  
  blue roan bitch  
  blue roan & tan bitch  
  red bitch  
  black bitch  


Mother:  Manaca's Oops I Did it Again, orange roan.
Litter born: 2004-02-20 Se the litter at 8 weeks here

Manaca's Three Cheers black male      
Manaca's Truly Madly Deeply orange roan male      
Manaca's Top Fuel blue roan male      
Manaca's Take A Baugh orange roan bitch    


Manaca's Top Secret red bitch      

Mother: Barecho Almost an Angel, red. Litter born:2003-08-29

Guldakras Godsend From the Sky red male    

Guldakras Going To be A Star red male    

Guldakras Goodness With Love red bitch    

Guldakras Give Me Your Love black bitch    

Mother: Manaca's It Shows, black. Litter born: 2002-09-16

Manaca's Poker Face black & tan male      
Manaca's Path Finder black & tan male own: Maria Gudmunds BIS-pup,
4 CCs,
2 x BOS,
eyes clear

Manaca's Performance Kit black male      
Manaca's Pollyanna Pickering black bitch      
Manaca's Prous Mary black bitch own: Jenny Carsting B-hips

Manaca's Poetry in Motion black bitch      
Manaca's Peaches for Nothing red bitch own: kennel Manaca's B-hips

Mother: Merry Cocktail's Hungry Eyes, black. Litter born: 2002-05-30

Merry Cocktails Moonshade  male      
Merry Cocktails Moonshadow  male      
Merry Cocktails Honeymoon red male    

 Merry Cocktails Moonlight bitch      
Merry Cocktails Moonbeam  bitch      
Merry Cocktails Moonshine  bitch      

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