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Nortworth Leisure Maid

Nortworth Leisure Maid

1986 06 26 - 1998 10 19

"Mindi" was the broodbitch of my kennels. She was absolutely the kindest dog you can ever imagine, and she had the most clear and vivid language with the other dogs. And, she could "tapdance" better than Fred Astaire for a bit of treat!!
At shows she was´nt at the top, manely because she could´nt quite keep her weight ;-) and because I had´nt learned how to trim properly. She got a couple of CK´s and a few best bitch placements anyway.

I guess Mindi is still stepdancin´in her heaven and lives on through her children,
her grand children...

Presenting 2 of her daughters who keeps her legacy alive at Manaca´s

NuCh SU(u)Ch Manaca´s Born to Rise n´Shine
N Ch SwCh Manaca´s
Born to Rise n´Shine


Manaca´s Chain Reaction
Chain Reaction



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IntCh WW-92 Northworth Quick to Use

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