Ch Quettadene Lancelot - "Arnies" offspring

Litter born, June 19 -05 with
Margate Art Collection (Ch Berryhill's Bonfire x Margate Art of Illusion)
at kennel Fenbrook in Finland

Fenbrook.... black & tan male  
Fenbrook.... black male  
Fenbrook.... black male  
Fenbrook.... black male  
Fenbrook.... black & tan bitch  
Fenbrook.... black bitch  
Fenbrook.... black bitch  


  Litter born at  May 4:th -2005
mother - Ch Claudette Inch by Inch (Ch Sheerclever Cantona x Ch Mainels Supreme Symphony)  at kennel Claudette in Stavanger, Norway.
7 weeks old at the photos.

Claudette Renex red male
Claudette Reward red male
Real Sugar
red bitch
Ready Made
red bitch
Right On Time
black bitch
Rely On Me
black bitch

owned by Claudette kennels


litter born August 6th
mother- Manaca's In Shipshape (Ch Manaca's Yours Sincerely x Ch Manaca's Alice in Chains) at Viran Wiklund in Falun, phone: (+0)23-501 55
At the photos the puppies are 5 weeks old.....




red male


red male


black Male


black & tan male




black & tan bitch


black & tan bitch


black bitch


Mother: Ch Manaca´s In Your Dream. Litter born: 2004-02-20
see the whole litter here at 8 weeks

Manaca's Under Study red male own:
Ulrika Ljung
CC & BIS winner!
Manaca's Undercover Brother black male own: Janne CristinHaglund, Norway    
Manaca's Unblushing Dream red bitch own: Manaca's


Manaca's Ultimately Yours black bitch own:
Maria Skinner

Manaca's Undesigned Dream black bitch own: Manaca's  

Mother: Manaca´s It Shows,  Lejonsundet´s kennel
Litter born:2003-11-01

Lejonsundet´s Frodo von Lancelot red male

Lejonsundet´s Legolas von Lancelot black male
Lejonsundet´s Elindil van Lancelot Black & tan bitch own:kennel Lejonsundet´s


Lejonsundet´s Eowin van Lancelot black bitch

Lejonsundet´s Lorien van Lancelot black bitch

Mother: Apelhöjdens Taste of Honey, kennel Apelhojdens. Litter born: 2002-11-17

Apelhöjden´s Wild Charm red male      
Apelhöjden´s Winston black male   BOS, CC

Apelhöjden´s Wizard of Oz black male      
Apelhöjden´s Who´s That Girl black & tan bitch      
Apelhöjden´s Woop It´s a Tan black & tan bitch own: Gunilla Eriksson,
kennel Apelhojden´s

Apelhöjden´s Winnies Dream red bitch      
Apelhöjden´s Whispering Witch black bitch      

Mother: Stricklers Peeping Girl, kennel Stricklers. Litter born: 2002-11-05

Stricklers Make My Day black male      
Stricklers It´s A Pleasure black male   A-hips
Stricklers Quick to Use black male      
Stricklers Sweet Pepper red bitch   B-hips  

Mother: DKCh SCh IntCh Dan-L´s Return My Tan,
Kraglunds kennel  - Denmark. Litter born: 2002-05-23  

Kraglund´s Go'On Little Arniedaughter black bitch own: kennel Kraglund´s, Denmark 2 CC's & field trial.

Go'on Little Return MyTan
black & tan bitch äg: kennel Kraglund´s, Denmark A-hips  

Mother: Maxi Mate´s Astonishing Robe, kennel Maxi Mate´s. Litter born: 2002-03-27

Maxi Mate's Minute Man red male   B-hips,
eyes clear
Maxi Mate's Mage Merlin black male      
Maxi Mate's Gorgeous Robe red bitch      
Maxi Mate's Preciuos Robe black & tan bitch      

Mother: Manaca´s Unchained Melody. Litter born: 2002-03-06

Manaca´s Nose for News black male
Manaca´s Never on a Sunday black male
Manaca´s Nick of Time black male CK,
Manaca´s Now or Never black male
Manaca´s Nut Shell black male
Manaca´s Notice Me black male
Manaca´s Nosy Rosie black bitch
Manaca´s Needless to Say black bitch
Manaca´s Nanny Fine black bitch

Mother: Leeleki´s Busy Sunshine. Litter born: 2002-02-17

Curry red male      
Cayenne red male      
Muskot black & tan male      
Chili black & tan bitch   A-hips  
Mynta red bitch      

Mother: Manaca´s Lady Sings the Blues, kennel Lordlike.
Litter born: 2001-08-25

Lordlike´s Kartago black male    

Lordlike´s Kansas black male    

Lordlike´s Kalamai black & tan bitch   A-hips

Lordlike´s Kassandra black & tan bitch own: kennel Lordlike A-hips

Mother: Manaca´s X-Tended Line. Litter born: 2001-06-19

Manaca´s Lance of Longinus red male      
Manaca´s Lady of Astolat red bitch own: kennel Kraglund´s, Denmark DKShCh

Manaca´s Lady of the Lake black bitch      
Manaca´s Lady Lynette red bitch      

Mother: Ch Manaca´s Pennies from Heaven. Litter born: 2001-06-09

Manaca´s Knight Gawain black male      
Manaca´s Knight Galahad black male      
Manaca´s Kneel for Elaine red bitch own: kennel Manaca´s A-hips.
eyes clear

Manaca´s Kisses for Guinevere black bitch      

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